Don’t replace your ceramic tile. Refinishing is a more affordable, beautiful alternative to replacing the tile on your countertops, walls and vanities.

There is a different between refinishing your ceramic tile and painting your ceramic tile.

The difference between painting your tile and resurfacing is the overall durability of your tile. When resurfaced by a professional a urethane based coating is applied gives you the most durable heat and scratch resistant refinished surface possible. Painting your tile will not look as good as a professional refinished tile.

Can ceramic tile be refinished? What is the ceramic tile refinishing process?

A professional technician will identify and alert the owner of any broken tile needing to be replaced. Next, the tile is cleaned by eliminating all dirt, oils, grease and soap residue. Once the surface is clean, all cracks and chips repairable are fixed. Next, a bonding material is applied to create a strong bond with the old surface. Next, if selected, a color coat is applied. Lastly, a resin is applied for strength.

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Ceramic Tile Refinishing - How much does ceramic tile refinishing cost? Will it save me money?

Ceramic tile refinishing will save you up 50% or more over the cost of replacing your tile. Consider the cost of demolition (and the mess), cost of materials (cement board, mortar, screws, tile, grout, and don’t forget labor cost or tools to complete the job). Why create the stress of renovations when you can give your tile a face lift?

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