Do not believe what the big box store are advertising about painting countertops.

It’s easy, affordable, and you can do it yourself. Unfortunately, they’re after selling a product not getting you the best results. You will have to pay more for a professional to correct what is a bad finish.

You will need special equipment such safety wear and fan. You will need the right application to cure within 24hrs not 7 days. You will need experience to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the installation process.

Save some time and money by having a professional at Best Kansas City Refinishing Pro give your kitchen countertops a face lift. Countertop Refinishing.

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Do you have a lot of time, patience, experience, equipment, money to spend freely, and low standards for a finish product? If so, then painting your countertops is right for you!

Here are some common pitfall of kits at the big box stores:

  • There is nothing in the kit to repair gouges, burn marks or missing laminate
  • Roller and brush application of the base coat is inconsistent and streaky
  • Takes more time and hand labor than anticipated
  • Choice of only four to five colors
  • The application of color chips using a “fertilizer” spreader is inconsistent
  • In order for the color chips to properly stick, the base coat must be wet.  There is about a 20 minute window to roll the base coat out and still get the chips to stick before the base coat dries and loses its stickiness!  Two people are recommended for this application.
  • The color chips don’t easily adhere evenly to the vertical surfaces, like the edges and back splash
  • If you run out of the base coat or top coat, you'll have to buy another entire kit
  • The top coat is not waterproof and may turn cloudy or become discolored from standing water
  • Rolling the top coat can easily result in “striping” which leaves an uneven appearance.
  • The top coat is soft and scratches easily
  • The top coat peels and tears

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